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#1 mmogomlb » 13.05.2019, 05:19

I commended this RuneScape gold game when it first came out, bought the $100 Founder's pack and even spent a bit more after that. The home design, is good, the game's aesthetics, too good. But finally I realized that battle was very dull, essentially all courses have 1 spammy skill you use all the time, 1 ability that does BIG harm but has a longer

cooldown, and then some rather buff ability. That's pretty much it. Life skills in positions starts to take 2+ hours a day, and half of them are USELESS, you grind them. Despite how good I felt about the game coming in I found myself getting to the point where I was dreading logging on. I couldn't wait to finish my chores so that I could log out and play something entertaining. And finally I just decided I was done. I had a blast that was HUGE and began playing with MHW, battle felt more like it mattered, and it wasn't always the exact same thing every time. ?

I really don't believe the mill is the issue as far as the grind is completed and the way RNG is managed. The game has very little incentive for players raids are restricted which makes various characters are ground by players, along with your stats are reliant on how great your luck is. This can easily be fixed by adding incentive eliminating tape limits, and providing more system without being so luck based, to increase your gear. The game itself plays excellent, and I really like the quantity of customization we've. I will stick with the sport and hope they focus on producing the changes that are desired. ?

Of course it is. Played for a few times frankly and with my s/o. There's no challenge where cheap OSRS gold I was. I felt just like the pool nly advancement I obtained from playing story pursuit was. And those were boring. The monsters feel rancid and empty, the skills are meh. Idk it just isn't alright entertaining to me. Ironically I grinded to 160 and changed back to maple1 and felt bored/satisfied. The seem meh to me although I love. Repetitive not at all the fun manner (is there a fun repetitive?) I dont dont see a point to playing apart from creating a house or whatever.

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