Frame-by-Frame Analysis: Series Stopping Puck Watching

Описание: Данный раздел для тех кто побывал в городском учреждении или офисе, либо воспользовался услугами после чего остался недовольным работой, а также делаем предложения по улучшению города. Ваш отзыв поможет форумчанам!

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Well!Hello my old friends.It’s been a while.I’ll be brief in embracing my return, but I do feel like I owe ya’ll a semblance an explanation, as I did disappear rather unexpectedly. I love writing frame by frame analyses, but when it comes down to it, they are incredibly time consuming and tiring to create , and I just burned out a bit. I needed a break. I can’t guarantee that I’m back on a concretely consistent basis now, but I do intend to write these articles more frequently than I have been! Since it’s been so long and I’m sure there are people reading this who have never read one before and don’t know who I am, here is what you’re getting yourself into: I pick a specific play and explain what happened and why through a series of marked-up still frames of the play. My credentials: 20 years of playing hockey , one year of assistant coaching a Squirt team in Boston, 19 years of cheering for the Predators, and generally just watching a ton of hockey.If you feel like reading any of the old articles, clicky below. Otherwise, slide on down and let’s get started! Related Frame By Frame Analysis - On the Forecheck Related Caroline Predators Goal: Colton Sissons from Calle Jarnkrok Take a second and finish wiping your eyes before you continue. Don’t worry, no one is judging you here. We begin our analysis with a penalty kill for the Preds. Watson finished forechecking Bernier after the Preds cleared the zone, and is getting off the ice for a fresh set of legs. Ryan Getzlaf receives the puck from Bernier and begins carrying it up ice P.K Subban Jersey. The Ducks’ PP unit consists of four forwards and one defenseman Brad Hunt Jersey, which is moderately relevant later. Our first-least-favorite Ryan zooms up for the go-ahead pass from our second-least-favorite Ryan while Corey Perry swings wide, anticipating a deep zone pass around the boards from his teammate. Sissons replaces Watson and away we go. Subban targets Kesler who buckles under such immense pressure. Jarnkrok supplies both support , and some mild pressure . Ryan Getzlaf correctly heads deep into the zone below Subban and Kesler, hoping to catch and control the puck should Kesler manage to get it past Subban. The camera angle doesn’t let us see exactly what happens, but sometime right around now Kesler loses the board battle to Subban and turns the puck over. This is a huuuuge no-no. You are on the tail end of a powerplay. Losing control of the puck right now could very well mean an odd man rush the other way . If you gain the zone and have immediate Dante Fabbro Jersey, unavoidable pressure on you, like Subban on Kesler, you dump the damn puck. Kesler also has teammates like Getzlaf and Perry supporting him and anticipating a dumped puck; there’s no reason for him to try and bulldoze his way into the zone. Subban flicks the puck up to Jarnkrok, whose patient support pays off. Because of the untimely turnover, Getzlaf is caught way behind the play, giving Calle lots of play space. Sissons sees Jarnkrok taking off and gets on his horse, knowing that without him there are no viable puck movement options. Perry and Silfverberg follow suit. Silfverberg is the furthest man back, so he transitions to play defense along side actual-defenseman Cam Fowler. Jarnkrok drops the puck back to Sissons, who is followed closely by Corey Perry.
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